Mattress Recycling Service - Sydney

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Renewable Energycorp Australia - Sydney's environmentally friendly mattress recyclers.

Our aim is to save the environment and to do this we keep mattresses out of landfill. As we all know used mattresses are a major problem for our environment and unless these mattresses are recycled, they are going to be a major problem for our future.

We'll come to you

We pick up the mattress either from customers residential homes, retail stores, hotels, motels, backpackers etc. We do charge a pick up fee and the cost will be dependent on the number of mattresses. Typically as a rule of thumb it is $60 ex GST per item.

Our recycling process

Mattresses contain many re-usable materials including: foam, wood, metal, filler, matting, plastic and other materials. During the recycling process, they are brought to our Sydney warehouses and sort through - ones that are are suitable for refurbishing are sent off to get refurbished and ones that are deemed unworthy are dismantled and recycled. All materials are sent to local manufacturers or recyclers.
Our mission is to dismantle and recycle unwanted mattresses, keep them out of landfill and give them new life. - to be used in carpet underlay wood and coconut fibre are mulched and fabric used as rags or stuffing in various products - nothing is wasted.

Renewable Energycorp Australia's recycling programs play a vita role in conserving resources and reducing the amount of greenhouses created in the production of new materials. Recycling is an essential part of Australia's low emissions energy mix and is important to Australia's energy security.


Typically as a rule of thumb it is $60 ex GST per item. Call us if you have several items (Council | Organisation | etc). We can arrange a special deal.

Areas of Coverage

Eastern Suburbs • North Shore • Lower North Shore • Northern Beaches • CBD • South West • Western Suburbs • Inner West • Southern Suburbs